Interior & Exterior Design using Autocad.


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Course Overview

AutoCAD is a very important and widely used software for drafting/drawing. Our Mastering AutoCAD programs teach you how can create any engineering and architectural drawing perfectly. In this course, we will provide 24 classes or 36 Hr (AutoCAD 2D) and 12 classes or 18 Hr (AutoCAD 3D). Learn to effectively and professionally create and present civil, and architectural drawings,3D Floor Plans, Exterior Modeling & all approval sheet drawing using AutoCAD software.
In this course, we will mainly do civil and architectural work as other design work has to be done after architectural work. In the beginning, the class will be about what is said in BNBC 2020 for making architectural drawings. Besides, basic design principles will be discussed. After all, in this course, we will try to know Authority Approval Drawings like RAJUK, Fire service and Civil Defense, Municipal, etc.

Internship Task:

  • Supervision
  • Bricks Layout
  • Tiles Work
  • Foundation rebar check
  • Road placement work
  • Pilling & Casting & work
  • Sub and Superstructure also
  • Including site visit


  1. Limited to 13 students, Courses are taught using the latest AutoCAD 2020
  2. 100% hands-on training. Every student gets their own computer to follow along.
  3. Expert Instructor with more than 6 years of experience using industrial, Construction & Real Estate with teaching on Engineering & Architectural Software. Also, Instructor of IsDB -Bisew IT Scholarship Programme.


a. If any trainee attends a class above 80%, we will try to provide a certificate.

b. At the end of the course, 80% students are provided with jobs. (Insah Allah)

Course Syllabus

Module01: 2D Session

  • Understanding the AutoCAD workspace and user interface
  • Basic Geometry Creation
  • Drafting Settings in AutoCAD
  • Snapping to Coordinates
  • AutoCAD Object Properties
  • Using basic drawing, editing, and viewing tools.
  • Organizing drawing objects on layers.
  • Inserting reusable symbols (blocks).
  • Adding text, hatching, and dimensions.
  • Annotations & Annotative Objects
  • Designing and Storing Attribute Information
  • Extracting Linking and Presenting Information in Tables
  • External References
  • Organizing Pictures
  • Printing & Plotting Drawings
  • Properly Size Annotations on Printed Drawings
  • Customize User interface

Module02: 3D Session

  • Basic Overview to 3D
  • Isometric Views /Orthographic View
  • User Coordinate System
  • Thickness & Elevation in AutoCAD
  • 3D Views & Orbit
  • View Ports in AutoCAD
  • Visual Designs in AutoCAD
  • Solid Primitives
  • 3D Basics & 3D Operation
  • Modify solid editing
  • Create 3D Object
  • Live section on 3D Model
  • Modifying 3D Mesh Objects
  • Working with Surface Objects
  • Modifying 3D Objects
  • Material & Mapping
  • Lights & Camera in AutoCAD
  • Motion Path Animation
  • Rendering
  • Export & Import 3D Drawing
  • Sheet Set orientation

Module03: Project_ 2d Session

Architectural, Structural, Electrical & Plumbing Drawing of Five-Storied Building.

After 12 Classes

Module04: Project_3D Session

Exterior Project _ Five Storied Building

 (After 6 Classes)

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